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INUTEQ-DRY® is a revolutionary evaporative cooling technology. We have created our unique cooling system for environments where cooling is desired but resources are limited. The INUTEQ-DRY® cooling solution only requires a limited quantity of water (a vest filled with 500 ml) to provide maximum cooling for up to 3 days. Our products can be easily activated by filling them with tap water, after which the cooling process will start instantly. The cooling effect is based on the principle of natural evaporation, and therefore the result is dependent on local humidity and airflow. 

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INUTEQ-H2O® technology offers the highest standard in evaporation cooling at low cost. Our INUTEQ-H2O® products are activated by soaking them in water for 2 minutes. After excess water is gently squeezed out they are ready to wear. Depending on the humidity and airflow, these products will cool you down up to 15ºC below the ambient temperature for up to 8 hours.

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The INUTEQ-PVA® evaporative cooling technology is a highly absorbent Polyvinyl Alcohol Fabric. INUTEQ-PVA® products are activated by soaking them in water for one minute. After squeezing out excess water they are ready for use.

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The INUTEQ-PAC® is a revolutionary performance technology. We offer this bio-based Phase Change Material (PCM) in 5 different temperatures: 6,5°C / 44°F, 15°C / 59°F, 21°C / 70°F, 24°C / 75°F and 29°C / 84°F.

This unique INUTEQ-PAC® phase change technology has a high latent heat, which makes it ideal for use in various thermal management applications.

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The cooling effect generated by these products and technology is not chemically treated, but comes from the special technology within the INUTEQ-QCK® cooling fabric.

The INUTEQ-QCK®; fabric is extremely strong, soft and flexible as well as lightweight. INUTEQ-QCK® products are ideal for sports, camping, exercising,  leisure or any outdoor activity where you need some comfortable cooling. Simply ‘WET IT’ – ‘WRING IT’ and ‘SNAP IT’ – ready to use!

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