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Heat stroke, a condition also referred to as hyperthermia, occurs due to the body’s inability to bring down its core temperature once it increase beyond a certain point.

Unlike people, dogs and other animals do not have the ability to bring down their body temperature through sweating. Instead, they regulate body temperature through panting. If you dog is panting excessively and salivating more than usual, along with dizziness, diarrhea and vomiting, then he/she has likely suffered a stroke.

While everyday measures like cool water, fans, gastric protectants and certain medications can be taken to help protect your pet, even the onset of a heat stroke before any serious symptoms manifest can be very damaging to the organs, particularly to the bone marrow and liver.

In severe cases, a heat stroke can lead to death. You shouldn’t take that risk because preventing a heat stroke and keeping your dog safe is as simple as investing in INUTEQ’s evaporative cooling vests.

Being a responsible pet owner

INUTEQ-DRY® is a revolutionary cooling technology through which your beloved pet can be kept safe and comfortable in temperatures up to 40°C with low-moderate humidity levels. The patented cooling system in our cooling vest for animals has been specifically created for environments where cooling is required but resources are limited.

So whether you’re out for a walk on a warm and sunny day or training your K-9 police dog, the INUTEQ-DRY® evaporative cooling vest will provide all the required cooling in a safe and efficient manner. Simply use a small amount of water to keep your pet cool for 1-3 days. Fill the vest with tap water and squeeze out excess water to activate – your cooling vest for pets is now ready to use and offers immediate cooling.

The evaporative cooling technology used in our cooling vests for dogs is a very durable solution, which is also machine washable and anti-bacterial. They are also 100% dry and have the ability to bring body temperature down by 15°C relative to ambient temperature. The more airflow there is, the better cooling your pet will enjoy.

Evaporative and PCM Cooling Vests for Dogs are a safe and effective solution

Evaporative cooling vests have become a very popular accessory for pets of all shapes and sizes, and in particular, dogs. They have proven their worth in keeping your dog safe, cool and comfortable in hot and humid weather. They are easy to active, wear and reuse, and dogs seem happy to wear them as they are very lightweight, dry and comfortable. In an environment where the temperature is over 45°C and/or with a high-humidity level, your dog needs our biobased PCM cooling technology for an optimal cooling comfort.

INUTEQ is at the forefront of the most innovative cooling technology’s, which has helped pet owners keep their beloved dogs safe from potentially dangerous weather conditions. Our cooling vest for dogs are a proven solution for keeping your dog nice and cool throughout the summer months.

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