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partnership with HEAT-SHIELD

INUTEQ is happy and honored to have signed an MOU in partnership with HEAT-SHIELD, a European Union funded consortium which consists of twelve globally renowned research facilities, dedicated to address negative impact of increased workplace heat stress.

INUTEQ is world’s leading company in developing & manufacturing innovative personal cooling technologies and specializes in technology-based cooling apparel to keep you cool to help fight heat stress.

The newly formed agreement creates a powerhouse enabling the organizations to consult with employers in the industrial sector, evaluating workforces, reporting on its findings and suggesting both heat stress management plans and products to alleviate the growing risk of heat stress both indoors and outdoors for companies.

Professor Lars Nybo, Head of Sector for Integrative Physiology from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and part of the Management Team of HEAT-SHIELD said “Having the ability to work with INUTEQ gives us further access to organizations who have issues with heat stress. We welcome the joint initiative which continues to allow for us to consult for free with organizations, albeit now with INUTEQ’ clients looking at specific product groups that help back up considerations for reducing the risk of heat stress.”

Eric Pellis, Managing Director of INUTEQ said, “This is really an exciting development to work closely with HEAT-SHIELD. The impressive number of world-class scientists within the consortium will help enormously to recognize and record all heat stress related problems, whereby we will come up with the very best cooling strategy / cooling clothing solution to prevent and combat heat stress. We look forward to taking this collaboration to both new and existing clients”.

The MOU sets out three key collaborative aims; development of better industry guidelines, a collaboration on field studies with implementation and effectiveness of cooling clothing and the development of optimized cooling workwear solutions.

INUTEQ will be offering free consultation worldwide for organizations with heat stress concerns, conducting heat stress trials, and reporting on findings and product suggestions with scientifically endorsed advise from HEAT-SHIELD.

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