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Schaffung der bestmöglichen Lösungen, um Menschen und Tiere angenehm kühl zu halten und Hitzestresssymptome zu vermeiden





"While wearing the INUTEQ-DRY® cooling vest and cap, I stay comfortably cool at my job for the full day. I keep my concentration and avoid exhaustion, or even worse, heat stress symptoms."
- - -
Michael Paul - Roofer

'I have had a lot more rest since I use the cooling towel, knowing that cooling is within reach'
- - -

We have spent four years preparing our athletes for the extreme heat in Tokyo, we have developed special cooling vests for this and we are incredibly happy that with TeamNL we can contribute very little to those harsh conditions for our healthcare staff
- - -
Technical director NOC * NSF Maurits Hendriks

"With INUTEQ we have found the right partner for the CST Sandd Bafang team to use the best cooling methods for the riders. For example, we use different types of cooling vests at certain temperatures and conditions."
- - -
Team Director - Bart Brentjens Olympic and 10-times Dutch MTB champion

'We work constantly on training, innovation, nutrition, aerodynamics and everything else that ensures top performance during the races. Being in cycling, it’s all about total body control. Science goes fast, everything is getting better and more e cient. That is why I am really happy with INUTEQ, who continuously designs new products that absolutely help us with that.
- - -
Mathieu Heijboer head of performance Team Jumbo-Visma